Local Teen Wins National Call for Kindness Competition

Local Teen Wins National Call for Kindness Competition

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Local Teen Wins National Call for Kindness Competition

The Second Annual Riley’s Way Call for Kindness Provides Teen Leaders with Funds to Launch Initiatives that Make a Difference in their Communities

Fulton County, Ga 05/11/2020— Local Fulton County teen, (Jayla Wideman, 15), wins national Call for Kindness competition sponsored by Riley’s Way Foundation that challenges teens to apply for grants that fund initiatives that strengthen their communities and inspire kindness.


Jayla Wideman has started a nonprofit- FHL Closets and Tutoring Services, Inc. to address disparities in elementary,middle and high schools. Her organizations provides closets for schools that provide school supplies, clothing, food and any other items the school request for their student population. The goal is that by helping students meet their basic needs they can concentrate more on their education. Jayla plans to use the grant to provide closets in even more schools across the nation.


The national Call for Kindness Competition builds on Riley’s Way’s work to empower young leaders to use kindness and empathy to create meaningful connections and drive positive change in the world. Riley’s Way has awarded 22 inspiring teens across the country with up to$3,000 each to fund their projects. In addition to funding, Jayla Wideman will join the Riley’s Way Kind Leadership Series, consisting of mentorship, professional development, and peer-learning.

“Teens across the country are leading the charge to make the world a better place,” said Dr. Christine O’Connell,Executive Director of Riley’s Way. “With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, intentional kindness and empathy matter more than ever. The Call for Kindness fellows are shining examples of kind leadership, and their stories inspire all of us to be better to each other. ”


“I’m excited not only to expand my non-profit organization but also excited to learn with other teens who are making a change in their community with their projects. I look forward to working not only to help in the community immediately surrounding me, but also school communities throughout the nation. Being chosen as a part of the Call for Kindness reinvigorated me and I know with their help, FHL Closets and Tutoring Services will grow, “ said Jayla Wideman, Founder of FHL Closets and Tutoring Services,Inc.


“Today,more than ever, we all need a sense of purpose in our lives,” said Ian Sandler, co-founder of Riley’s Way. “At Riley’s Way, we find purpose in supporting the next generation of kind leaders by providing them with the infrastructure and support necessary to bring lasting change to their communities. We were incredibly inspired by the flood of applications and by all of the 2020 Call for Kindness winners.”

About FHL Closets and Tutoring Services Inc:


FHL Closets and Tutoring Services, Inc.strives to make schools a welcoming environment for learning. With the firm belief that personal comfort is necessary to foster strong academics and education, we do our best to fulfill the needs of students in underprivileged communities. We do this by placing closets in schools that cater to these children that hold toiletries and school supplies that are open to all the students that need them. We also hope to establish a tutoring branch in the near future,another way that we plan to make academia an open place to every child.


About Riley’s Way Foundation

Riley’s Way Foundation sees a future where kind leaders build a better world. We empower young people to use kindness,empathy and meaningful connections to drive that change. A nonprofit organization, Riley’s Way supports and connects young leaders around the country to become powerful voices and kind leaders in their communities. Our three flagship programs provide teens the tools and resources to envision change and achieve it: Riley’s Way Councils, The Call for Kindness, and Youth Leadership Retreat.




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